The ability to provide excellent customer service is vital to the success of hotel operations. Each and every employee can contribute toward management goals of providing excellent service to guests. A hotel’s success also relies on the support that management provides to employees and the support employees receive from co-workers. Service orientation research indicates that positive employee experiences result in enhanced service performance. For this reason, we are conducting an important international hotel employee satisfaction study to measure the effects of employee job and life satisfaction on job quality. As the hotel industry changes and new challenges arise, it important to understand the levels of satisfaction of hotel employees. The purpose of The Hotel Employee Work / Life Study is to explore and analyze the relations between service orientation, managerial support and co-worker support in Russian and American hotel employees.


The Hotel Employee Work / Life Study utilizes survey data collected through the voluntary participation of hotel employees of hotels in the United States and the European Russian Federation. The survey is available in both English and Russian through this website and expected to take approximately ten minutes to complete. The Hotel Employee Work / Life Study is overseen by the Institutional Review Board of Nova Southeastern University.


Please complete the survey based on your own experiences and perceptions. Please follow the  appropriate link below to take the survey.




Gary A. Dusek, MBA
Principal Investigator
Nova Southeastern University

Гари А. Дусек, MBA,
Главный исследователь
Х. Уейн Хузеинга Школа Бизнеса и Предпринимательства
Nova Southeastern University